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Driwin International offers dedicated transport and logistics solutions in Europe, North America and Caribean with customized personal service and guaranteed quality. With an exceptional fleet ready to take your cargo to where it needs to be, you can be sure that you can depend on us. We are completely transparent at every stage, and will always tailor our freight forwarding services to your individual requirements. With a bespoke quotation, and the ability to ship your goods no matter the time limits, you can be sure that we are company you can rely on.


Our freight transport service can cater for a wide spectrum of requirements, from individual projects to more regular deliveries.


Driwin International constantly invests in transport, technology, and infrastructure to provide the quality of service that surpasses customer expectations.


Technology based solutions for your transportation needs are processed at high speeds, to ensure optimal delivery time and constant monitoring throughout transit.

Reliable investment in freight development

The global freight market is growing at twice the rate of world GDP and current projections. This trend continues thanks to such booming countries as China and India. The transport industry is one of the least understood alternative investment directions, although in fact it's a reliable financial opportunity in the long term. The high returns make some investors skeptical, but it's the huge demand for cargo transportation that determines high-profit percentages, including options with a fixed daily interest rate.
Global transport demand will continue to grow dramatically over the next three decades, with freight demand will triple by 2050

Ocean freight

Driwin International understands the inner workings of shipping lines, trade lanes, vessel capacities. We provide competitive container haulage solutions in Europe, North America and Caribean to ensure the fast and efficient delivery of any cargo to your door.

Quality control from source to destination

Driwin International has extensive knowledge and experience in the international cargo transport industry. Our highly trained and service-oriented team will tailor a transport solution that will allow for on-time delivery of the shipment to its final destination in the most efficient and economical manner possible. We will help you save time, money and provide peace of mind in knowing that your cargo will reach its destination efficiently, safely and in compliance with international laws and regulations.

Rail transportation

Railway transport is often the most sustainable, sensible and cheapest solution for transporting goods. We handle the pick-up and final delivery runs for you and combine several means of transport to form multi-modal transport chains.

Road transportation

Through our team of skilled and friendly drivers, traffic planners and transport solution providers, we're well equipped to deliver a great road transport experience to our customers, whatever their requirements.

Modern freight transport

Our modern transport infrastructure enables Driwin International to deliver your shipment to its destination fast and efficiently. We can provide the most flexible and cost-effective cargo transportation solutions suitable for any customer requirements.

Logistics and insurance

Our management team has well over two decades of international cargo experience, enabling us to recognize the best value available and provide ideal solutions for your shipments. Driwin International will construct the best distribution plan for our client that provides an end-to-end solution from the supplier directly to the retail store, anywhere in Europe, North America and Caribean. By utilizing our network we can provide significant savings in operational costs and customer's distribution centers can be downsized.

We move everything

Driwin International organizes international transportation, providing its clients with a full range of services, related to cargo transportation by land, sea and railway transport, as well as the preparation of documents and customs clearance of goods.


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